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Do you have gum disease? This can mean moderate to severe tooth loss, discoloration and decay. Consider dentures! Here in Ft. Worth, Texas, Smiley Dental and Orthodontics can restore your smile to all its former glory. Here are some facts about dentures:

Smiley Dental offers two types of dentures:
• Complete dentures replace all the teeth of one or both of your arches
• Partial dentures are useful if you are missing some teeth and the others are still strong, serving as a substitute for only part of your arch.

What can dentures do for you? Here are the basics:
• Your smile will look gorgeous and realistic
• Dentures help you speak more articulately and clearly
• You’ll chew your food better
• Dentures fill out the skin around your jaw, causing you to look younger

Denture wearers’ oral hygiene routine looks a little different. You’ll need denture cleanser to brush them daily and denture solution to soak them every night. You’ll want to rinse them after you eat. Don’t forget to brush your gums and tongue every day as well.

After we fit you with your customized set of dentures, it may take some time for you to adjust. Until then, you might notice irritation or soreness and increased saliva flow. If these continue for more than a few weeks, please call us at 817.916.4343 so we can diagnose and treat the problem.

Want to learn more? Contact us today. We’re always here to make you smile.