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People with sensitive teeth often complain about sharp pains or stinging sensations in one or more teeth when they consume hot, cold, sweet or acidic foods and drinks. There are brands of toothpaste that have been specially formulated to help reduce tooth-sensitivity problems.

Here at Smiley Dental Camp Bowie, we advise our patients to seek out and diagnose the cause of tooth sensitivity to prevent it in the future or to more effectively treat the problem. If left undiagnosed, the cause could lead to serious complications in the future.

Enamel erosion that is caused by acidic foods and natural bacteria is one of the more common causes of tooth sensitivity. The enamel erosion allows microscopic channels to penetrate deep into the enamel layer, exposing the sensitive interior structures of the tooth. In a situation like this, your dentist can administer a simple fluoride treatment or prescribe fluoride supplements to strengthen your tooth enamel.

Cavities and other areas of weakened enamel can also compromise multiple teeth. If left unchecked, it could result in tooth loss. This is usually associated with a change in your tooth’s texture and increased sensitivity in one or more teeth. The Smiley Dental Camp Bowie team of dental professionals can repair or restore the teeth to prevent sensitivity or potential tooth loss.

Something as simple as a chronic sinus infection can apply significant pressure to the key nerves that relate to your teeth. A key symptom of this would be if the sensitivity is limited to just your upper teeth. Your physician can help you explore your treatment options, which might include taking prescription decongestant that relieves the pressure on the nerves.

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