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Nationwide, the use of tobacco products, such as smoking cigars and cigarettes, as well as chewing tobacco, has continued to decline. Unfortunately, the Centers for Disease Control estimates that nearly 40 million Americans still use tobacco in some form. While the threats posed by tobacco on overall health are well known, few people accurately consider how serious of a threat tobacco use is to their oral health.

That being said, there are a few things Smiley Dental Camp Bowie would like tobacco users to consider.

Cosmetically, the tar and chemicals in tobacco cause deep stains your teeth and gives you pervasive and chronic bad breath. The only way to effectively whiten your smile is through a dental tooth bleaching procedure offered at Smiley Dental Camp Bowie. Any continued tobacco use will simply cause staining issues all over again.

Extensive research has found a link between tobacco use and at least eight major types of oral cancer. At the same time oral and pharyngeal cancers tend to occur earlier and with greater complications in tobacco users.

If you have oral surgery or other invasive dental procedures, tobacco use will increase recovery time and could lead to a serious infection.

If you use tobacco and you are concerned about the impact on your oral health, or you would like to explore your tobacco cessation options, you can call Smiley Dental Camp Bowie at 817.916.4343 to schedule an appointment.