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A dental first aid kit: this is an essential and often overlooked part of any home. Here are some examples of important items to think about putting in your kit. Some unfamiliar items include descriptions as well.

-Cotton rolls and/or pellets
-Orasol gel packets
-Dental mirror
-Antimicrobial skin wipes
-Dental floss/flossers
-Temporary filling material—a special polymer that repairs your lost filling for up to a month.
-Temporary cement—an over-the-counter dental cement. It can hold a loose crown or tooth in place for a short time.
-Small mixing bowl and dental spatula—These will help you mix dental cement or filling material before applying it
-Dental picks—You can buy the long metal picks that dentists use to clean your teeth online. With a little training, anyone can use them in an emergency
-Dental wax—provides relief for those experiencing irritation caused by braces or other dental appliances
-Small sterile gauze pads
-Instructions for using each item. You may find something already created online or you can write it yourself.

If these items are handy in a dental emergency they can save a lot of pain and even save your tooth. However, they provide only temporary relief. If you or a member of your family are in a dental emergency, please call Smiley Dental Camp Bowie in Ft. Worth, Texas at 817.916.4343. We’re here to help.